The 10 day Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate Course is designed by the Registered Training Office (RTO) of The Psychosomatic Therapy College (AIBMAPT) and is a VET Standard Government Accredited Certificate III 10484 NAT.    To gain your Cert III qualification, log book hours, assignments and assessments need to be completed.

This training will allow you to identify and explain to another, why they are in the shape they are in.  Many people do this course as a self-development class, and have no intentions to complete the practitioner certification.  Many are involved in the numerous fields of helping others and want to gain recognized qualifications and experience to assist others to effect change.   Regardless of the initial motivation, the core to this work is to connect with yourself and understand how your thought and emotional patterns, affect your relationships with yourself, with families and communities.

What you will get with this course:

10 days of life changing content and experiences – see below outline of what is covered in each day. On day one we take a photo of your face, and also on the last day, so you can track the shifts over time with where you are at. There is ongoing support, after the course, through monthly forum meetings, student practice days, ongoing professional development.

6 reasons why you should learn face reading / Psychosomatic Therapy
  1. Discover insights about yourself and others
  2. Improve your relationships with yourself, partner, family, friends, work colleagues and clients
  3. Understand what others are really communicating to you
  4. Explore how to recognise particular characteristics in your search for your compatible partner
  5. Reduce stress in your life
  6. Life tools, which can be immediately implemented into your practice
Who can benefit from the above course and workshop?

Individuals, Therapists, Artists, Business Managers, Coaches and Trainers, HR managers, people who work with people.
(Aligned to the 10484 Nat Cert III in Psychosomatic Therapy and on completion & acceptance of log book hours & work –

      • Psychosomatic Breakthrough
      • Face Reading
      • Body / Mind Analysis – 
(Feet, Joints and Limbs)
Language of the hands
      • Emotional Anatomy
      • Emotional Release
      • Psychosomatic Related 
      • ProfessionalConsultations
      • Practitioner Certification / 
 effectively (Integrated)
10 day Psychosomatic Therapy Course Cost:


Course Dates – please see Events page:

10 day Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate  (max 8 participants)

Level 1: 6 days

Level 2: 4 days 

Plus 2 compulsory days to complete your Certification requirements

2017 – Bali (with Linda and Sean) 

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