A two day training and experience in Face Reading

This course involves individual participation and an opportunity to experience a face reading, whilst gaining more awareness about Face Reading and Psychosomatic Therapy. Learn how habitual emotions become form, and how to read habitual expressions.

As you learn to recognise the different styles and how they present in a person’s face, you gain insights into how life may exist for another. Being aware of alternate perspectives that you can identify and read, changes how you interact with others. A true face reading is with consultation with the person you are reading. Every person reads faces, even those without sight.   Not everyone reads correctly, and often project their reality onto another. “I am not sure what I am reading – but they are hiding something”.   Learning to read others, is a doorway to improving relationship and having a deeper compassion for others”

Course Overview:
  • Fundamentals of Face Reading
  • Blue print of your personality
  • Interpretation of individual facial features
  • Putting together the pieces to read with ease
  • Basic profiling
Every feature has a meaning. Learn how to identify:
  • Thinking Styles (analytical, intuitive or combination, multi-tasker/single task person)
  • Listening Styles (optimistic, pessimistic, or neutral)
  • Focus of attention (about me, about you, in the present, past or imagination)
  • Priority of Expression
  • Natural gifts
  • Challenges / Conflicts
Reasons for learning to read faces are varied and include:
  • People wanting to feel safe
  • Those looking to connect with themselves with a deeper level of awareness
  • Therapists / Trainers / Coaches who can guide questions to more directly and accurately gain
Who can benefit from the workshop?

Individuals, Therapists, Artists, Business Managers, Coaches and Trainers, HR managers, people who work with people.

This two day course is an introduction to Psychosomatic Awareness and Psychosomatic Therapy which takes all of the above principals to greater depth. This 2 day training is NOT a perquisite for the 10 day training.

2 Day Face Reading Workshop Cost:

$495 or bring a friend and receive $100 discount for both ($395.pp)

Course Dates – please see Events page:

Bali –Please register your interest – contact me (15 day event) – June 2017

These classes are interactive, engaging and involves both self-discovery as well as learning to read others.

*Bookings Essential – numbers limited