About Linda Thackray

Psychosomatic Therapist, Teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy and Holistic Health Practitioner

Since becoming involved with Psychosomatic Therapy I have developed a deep passion for this transformational work.   I witnessed within myself how relatively simple tools and understandings empower and generate life changing shifts in attitudes and behaviours.

I started my career working with an Australian National Distributor. Within five years, and having gained my Business Management Diploma I joined an International Organisation setting up their Australian offices.   Visiting over 30 countries, I still work with this company today, contracting my services and specialising in key account management and supplier/customer negotiations.

From my early years, I knew assisting people was my passion.  After studying to become a part time volunteer telephone counsellor, I then spent 8 years with the Salvation Army on their Care Line.   I had a strong desire to continue in this field, and went on to study various health related modalities before being introduced to Psychosomatics Therapy.

I found the dual process of self-reflection combined with the skills of reading others offers a unique learning combination that activates profound changes within yourself and others.  I found myself promote the course and the Therapy as real options for empowerment and transformation.  I am now a registered and recommended Teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy College, founded in Qld by Hermann Muller.     I teach and consult in Australia and overseas.

I have found this to be one of the most rewarding times of my life.  I feel privileged to share my passion with people, looking for change and a happier existence, challenging limiting beliefs and becoming aware of how to change our reality.

I mentor therapists and am Vice President of the International Association of Psychosomatic Therapists.  My passion and interest continues to grow.  I am thankful for the teachers in my life who have and continue to share their wisdom, insights and friendships.