What do the students say?

“From the moment I met Linda I knew she was someone I wanted to learn from. Her natural talent as a teacher and compassionate, patient and loving nature ensure that whether you’re a student of hers or receiving a reading or treatment, your experience with Psychosomatic Therapy will be life changing. Linda is an inspiring healer”

“Linda is one of the most caring people I have ever met. This trait enhances her tremendous abilities in reading people, faces and body language. She is also an awesome teacher and facilitator and I would recommend her courses to anyone wanting to study Psychosomatics.”

“I really enjoyed the 2 days. You’re a great teacher. I like the way you teach and handle the class and material.

Your ideas of mini work shops is great for specific topics. In that respect i also enjoyed the forum last time and gained a lot of in depth know how on ears. A further learning moment was in the questions as well as looking for the ‘clusters’.”

“How would i summarise the overall training

Learning how to be  and also accept whom i am, truthfully as I have travelled the world to look  at aspects of me ..thyself ..

& various situations, india, USA and umpteen modalities and yet so near downtown central it all happened.

I am so humbled to know you & myself… linda

with heartfelt …”utmost appreciation” ..”

“The Face Reading workshop opened my eyes to seeing people more from their personal experience. Enabling me to have compassion for them rather than continuing a pattern I had of taking things personally.

Now as a psychotherapist I am able to take in more of the person’s facial features as a tool to better treat my clients.

Thanks so much”

“The course has helped me in a very positive way, since now I see that I will be able to look at people in a  different,  less judgemental, and more loving and understanding way. This course of Face Reading has opened my eyes really wide!.

Thank you so much Linda.”

“I have been doing heaps of face reading on friends and family and feel like I am really improving and it’s all becoming so natural to me! I am so surprised at how much I have absorbed and how much has come back to me even when doing a reading I come out with things that I didn’t even know I knew and it’s all so real and true and I feel like I intuitively know. It feels awesome so I just thought i would share that with you Linda thank you so much for this growth and opportunity.

Next time there’s another on please let me know?! 🙂

And Linda I hope you don’t mind if I forward your email on to a family friend they are very interested in learning?”