About Psychosomatic Therapy


Psychosomatics is the connection between “Mind & Body”.  It looks at how ‘information’ about you is recorded ‘in’ your ‘formation’.  ~ What messages your face and body are trying to communicate with you.

Psychosomatic Therapy is used to bring unconscious patterns to the conscious mind.  It reveals the barriers and natural protection methods the body has learnt from earlier years, and by ‘filling in the gaps’ from your life experiences, you can decode your body’s messages and reinforce positive changes through new productive patterns.  

Psychosomatic Therapy provides an intense self-development immersement, which can be undertaken as a personal or professional journey.  At Finding Magic Within, we provide Psychosomatic Therapy as a consultation and also teach Psychosomatic Therapy Courses if you desire to become a therapist yourself. 


Psychosomatic Therapy assists you in changing your relationship with illness, stress, depression, and mental, emotional and physical conditions.

Your body communicates with you through thoughts, emotions, physical pain, body sensations and through your intuitive guidance. Psychosomatic Therapy is a link that unites the Mind, Body, and Spirit as we explore how your life experiences have impacted your thoughts, emotions and your physical body.  We will discuss the emotional component of various imbalances, whilst interpreting the messages of your body.  Set in a safe space, this journey invites self-exploration and reflection, and for you to be seen and witnessed as you may have never been seen before.  

A Psychosomatic Therapy session can assist you to:

  • Reveal trapped emotions and past experiences stored in the physical body
  • Identify core issues that may be negatively impacting how you experience yourself and others
  • Reduce stress in your life
  • Understand the emotional component to various illnesses, or physical problems you may be presenting with
  • Improve your relationship with yourself, family, friends, work colleagues and clients through insight into how attitudes develop and take shape

In Psychosomatic Therapy, we take an in-depth look at your overall shape, posture, breathing patterns and face.   

By looking at your body’s structure, posture, how you breathe, how you talk and the condition of your tissue, we reveal the harmony and balance of your body’s energy centres and the balance between the left and right sides of your body.  

As we look at face shape, skin/flesh tone, and the individual facial features from left to right, these provide information on how you experience and interact with others, and how you treat yourself. The facial features each correspond to a different part of the body, all having a unique meaning. For example as we see your locked jaw, we also notice your locked knees and tight hips, showing the strong and forceful attitudes which you are holding onto.  (Face Reading is a standalone therapy also offered at Finding Magic Within). 

Once the information is gathered and communicated with you, we provide you with tools to assist in creating the changes you are looking to experience.   In your follow-up session, you may wish to experience an Emotional Release Trigger Point Massage, which combines acupressure and massage to release cellular memories and release blockages.

You must experience it to believe it.  Book in now for a consultation, or contact us for more information.  You deserve it!