Online Face Reading Training


Who is the Online Training aimed at?

The online training is aimed at those people who may find it more difficult to get to weekend trainings, whether due to remote locations, being a parent or carer or for any other reason which may prevent you from being physically present.

The training will be interactive, you will see and interact with the other participants, and initially, there will be a maximum of 6 people in each course.

How the online training works

You will be given a Module at a time, which will include exercises to complete in between sessions. The information below is based on group trainings, individual sessions and mentoring calls are available to you as well (at discounted rates).

With small groups, I will do my best to accommodate time zones and time availability with each group.   If you miss a session, it will be recorded and available to watch prior to the next session starting.

There are two different styles of reading which I am offering. The first style relates to the Chakra system and reading of the individual features, whilst the second is the Chinese Style of Face Reading relating to the elements, lines and organs. For the purpose of distinguishing these styles, I am referring to them as Level 1 and Level 2.   Whilst you can study both of these, Level Two is often embraced by practitioners, and Wellness Coaches and used to assist with questions you may ask your clients, to identify core and underlying issues. Level 1 is required to be completed prior to commencing with Level 2.

The Face Reading is an Introduction to the Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate which is aligned to the Australian Nationally recognised Cert III in Psychosomatic Therapy. If you go on to do this training with me, you will receive a $200 credit for Level 1 and a further $200 credit for Level 2 to put towards this course.

Level One: Introduction to Face Reading – A Psychosomatic Perspective (9 Sessions)

Level Two: An Introduction to Chinese Face Reading – The Elements, the Organ Map, Lines (9 sessions)

Level One:

Level One – consists of 9 Sessions, as detailed below. Prior to your first session you will receive a package (which includes: a white paper mache Face Mask and colouring in pencils.   For the first session – please allow 2 hours, with 90 minutes for subsequent sessions.

Session 1:  Chakra’s in the Face, Body in the Face Left and Right Sides

Session 2:  Hair / Hairlines, Eyebrows

Session 3:  Forehead

Session 4:  Eyes, Eyelids

Session 5:  Nose

Session 6:  Lips

Session 7:  Cheeks, jaw and chin

Session 8:  PROFILING / Recap of all features

Session 9:  Photo Splits

Level Two:

Level Two – consists of 9 Sessions, as detailed below:

Session 10:  Introduction to the Chinese Method of Face Reading, the Elements, and Philosophy behind the readings.

Session 11:  The Wood Element, its personality, the positive and challenging traits

Session 12:  The Fire Element, its personality, the positive and challenging traits

Session 13:  The Earth Element, its personality, the positive and challenging traits

Session 14:  The Metal Element, its personality, the positive and challenging traits

Session 15:  The Water Element, its personality, the positive and challenging traits

Session 16:  Organs (90 minute session)

Session 17:   Lines (90 minute session)

Session 18:  Profiling (90 minutes)

Prices :


Level One:  $495

Level Two: $495

Level One & Two in advance: $900

Individual or Mentoring Sessions

AU$100 per session 60 minutes (normal rates $150)

AU$140 for 90 minutes (normal rates $200)

My face reading teaching style is to help people improve communication, gain greater insights into how other people process information, and how to create empowered change.

I would love to hear from you, and if you think this is training is for you, please contact me. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to meeting you.

Very best wishes

Linda Thackray

Psychosomatic Therapist/Trainer

President of the International Association of Psychosomatic Therapists.