What do the students say?

“Loved the experience. Found the topic fascinating. I am quite surprised how much I learnt in 2 days. Linda’s presentation/facilitation style is perfect.”

“Linda always goes over and beyond in how she presents her courses. She is super generous in her time and it shows.   Caring, nurturing and passionate about what she teaches and drawing on her enormous strengths to be empathic, congruent, and authentic towards the attendees.”

“I look forward to further research based on my current understanding, to see how my life can be further explored.”

“From the moment I met Linda I knew she was someone I wanted to learn from. Her natural talent as a teacher, and compassionate, patient and loving nature ensure that whether you’re a student of hers or receiving a reading or treatment, your experience with Psychosomatic Therapy will be life changing.”

“Linda is one of the most caring people I have ever met. This trait enhances her tremendous abilities in reading people, faces and body language. She is also an awesome teacher and facilitator and I would recommend her courses to anyone wanting to study Psychosomatics.”

“The Face Reading workshop opened my eyes to seeing people more from their personal experience. Enabling me to have compassion for them rather than continuing a pattern I had of taking things personally. Now as a psychotherapist I am able to take in more of the person’s facial features as a tool to better treat my clients.”

“The course has helped me in a very positive way, since now I see that I will be able to look at people in a different, less judgemental, and more loving and understanding way. This course of Face Reading has opened my eyes really wide!”